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Show Notes
In the Summer of 2001
Amanda Bynes was a national spokesperson for bicycle helmet safety. This PSA, which ran on Nickelodeon that summer, illustrates what could happen if you don't wear a helmet, and does so in her inimitable "Amanda Show" style. An animated version featuring the Nick Jr. character Little Bear ran concurrently with Amanda's message. The following year, a new PSA was made featuring the cast of "All That". 
Hear her message here! (91kb)
From Nickelodeon, Johnson and Johnson, and the National Safe Kids Campaign

bike-01.jpg (31222 bytes)
Amanda Bynes loves riding her bike around the Nick at Sunset backlot...
bike-02.jpg (28113 bytes)
...and she's safe and smart because she always wears a helmet!
bike-03.jpg (26591 bytes)
Amanda knows there are hazards every inch of the road...
bike-04.jpg (31245 bytes)
like ladders with painters on them, and men carrying cakes!
bike-05.jpg (36219 bytes)
And if you don't wear a helmet...
bike-06.jpg (32229 bytes)
...something disastrous could happen!
bike-07.jpg (27512 bytes)
So wear a brain bucket just like Amanda's! (I'd get a different color, though, guys...)
bike-08.jpg (26968 bytes)
You're always safer in a helmet!